Christine Chen

christine Christine Chen is the President and Founder of Global Professional Protocol (GPP). She has been conducting protocol and customer service programs and privately consulting since 1997. Professionally trained by The Protocol School of Washington, she has a clear understanding of the ever-changing rules of etiquette in today’s society along with the importance of world class customer service. As a graduate from the Cappa Chell Finishing School, she brings expertise in the area of making the first impression that counts. With a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management, Christine brings out the importance of understanding the relationships between employees and clients as well as the need for team building within the organization. As a certified practitioner of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI Step I and Step II) Instruments, Christine helps individuals gain a better understanding of themselves which encourages constructive interactions with others.

Christine has written articles that have been published in various magazines nationwide including a monthly column for Georgia Family Magazine. She has been featured in various Family Magazines, Personal Excellence: The Magazine of Personal Leadership, The Gazette, and The Washington Times. She has also been featured on FOX 5 DC, CNN, and “It’s Your Biz” Radio with Susan Solovac. Currently, she is a monthly contributing editor for the online magazine, Recipes for Good Living and a regular monthly guest on News Channel 8 “Let’s Talk Live.” Along with writing and contributing expert advise, she worked closely with an MTV producer to produce a social skills video for teenagers, The Contest.

Christine’s passion for children and quality education led her to meeting the need for a school in her area. She co-founded Olney Adventist Preparatory School (OAPS) in 1997. Olney Adventist Preparatory School is a thriving school with over one hundred students. Christine’s passion for shaping tomorrow’s leaders is evidenced in her work at OAPS where she has volunteered her consulting services since 1997. Christine also served as School Board Chair from 2003-2011.

Along with Christine’s varied background and Global Professional Protocol’s diverse team of experts, we are equipped to deliver customized programs to meet your professional and social needs.

Christine is an Ambassador of Civility of International Association of Protocol Consultants and Officers®.

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