Hazami Barmada

Hazami Barmada is a social entrepreneur and independent consultant who works with public and private institutions, nationally and internationally, on developing culturally-competent strategies for management, business development and public relations.

A passionate philanthropist and humanitarian, Hazami serves as an advisor and board member of several international non-profit organizations including the steering committee for the Refugees International Young Humanitarian Circle and Peace x Peace.

Hazami is the co-Founder, president and CEO of Al-Mubadarah: Arab Empowerment Initiative, an international NGO headquartered in Washington DC, harnessing expertise of global Arab expatriates for economic and social development in the Arab World. Al-Mubadarah works with institutions and professional diaspora networks to develop strategies for professional technical assistance and knowledge transfer programs. Programs include a Global Arab Talent Bank™, youth and business mentorship programs and professional travel fellowships.

She plays an active role in citizen and public diplomacy initiatives both nationally and internationally, leading several initiatives focusing on community and civil-society development, youth and women’s empowerment. Her initiatives and events have received recognition in major media outlets nationally and internationally. She has is a frequent international public speaker appearing on/in CNN international, New York Times, BBC, BBC Arabic and Al-Jazeera.

Hazami studied Anthropology and Sociology at Rhodes College in Memphis, TN, and Public and Social Policy at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.
The U.S. Department of Labor describes Sonya Aranza’s work as “Outstanding!” SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) conference participants consistently rate her as one of the top speakers based on evaluations. She is sought-after by Fortune 500 companies and organizations such as Chevron, IBM, Lanxess, McDonald’s, Toyota, government agencies and associations. She is a seasoned professional on national and international platforms with nearly 20 years experience specializing in Diversity, Cross-Cultural Strategies and Leadership.