Madelyn Blair

madelynsmallerMadelyn Blair is a speaker, author, and senior consultant to management. She is founder and president of Pelerei, Inc. Her specialty is organizational learning and the approaches that support it. She has particular experience in story and narrative, knowledge management from strategic planning to competency definition and career planning. She is the creator of the Information Flow Analysis and the Riding the Current ™ program.

Dr. Blair is a Taos Institute Associate and charter member of the Associates Council to the Board. She is a founding member of Goldenfleece, and co-moderator of Worldwide Story Work. She is on the Board of The New Artic Future. Dr. Blair received her doctorate in organizational psychology from the University of Tilburg, The Netherlands, and holds an MBA from The Wharton School.

She is the author of Riding the Current: How to Deal with the Daily Deluge of Data and Essays in Two Voices. She is a contributing author of Lessons from the Field, Wake Me Up When the Data Is Over, and Making it Real: Sustaining Knowledge Management – Adapting for Success in the Knowledge Based Economy and Smarter Innovation: How Interactive Processes Spark Better Results. Her blog is

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