Michelle Katz

Michelle Katz, MSN, LPN, is a nationally recognized Healthcare Advocate and author of two groundbreaking books: Healthcare for Less and 101 Health Insurance Tips that reveal some of my healthcare saving tips for 15+ years that have reinvented the way we navigate through the healthcare system today. She also has an updated version called Healthcare Made Easy, which is a ground breaking version of her work over the past few year, defining our current healthcare system, guiding the average person in a more simpler way so they can get the best healthcare for less without the headaches.

Michelle’s healthcare knowledge stems from my experience clinically, administratively, politically as well as a patient who survived major back surgery without having health insurance and avoided medical debt in the end. This started with a $150 bill that she “single handedly” figured out how to get down to $5K without health insurance.
Later, I saved a loved one’s life using the NEW CPR, once again, navigating through the healthcare system with minimal bills, but this time WITH health insurance that failed to cover a life saving procedure; bringing that bill from $210k and finalizing it at $2,500.

More recently, she tested our “new healthcare system” by surviving a near death and life altering healthcare experience by applying the skills she acquired over the years in combination with some “newer” found healthcare savings information. In the end, getting the best care for herself, for the least amount of money.

Currently, she is a healthcare contributor for ABC News, and contributes to other healthcare and “mainstream” nationally syndicated shows such as The Doctors Show, The John Daly Show etc. She has been quoted in many publications across the country and has been proven to be a valued resource for many. She continues to lecture and consult with individuals and companies throughout the country on many aspects of healthcare. Some of these topics include: saving money in healthcare while avoiding medical debt, navigating effectively through ACA/Obamacare, innovating a healthy work environment while increasing work production, getting the best healthcare for the least amount of money, “getting, staying, looking and feeling healthy at any age without breaking the bank.”