Patsy“PJ” Cannon

patsysmallPatsy“PJ” Cannon is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Bliss Life Coach, Forgiveness Coach, certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Reiki Master Teacher. Patsy has led an award-winning career spanning twenty years in the advertising industry as a Media Consultant, Trainer, Coach and Sales Manager. She was also the owner of a successful Curves Franchise.

Her book, Forgiveness Is Bliss, chronicles her challenging, yet exciting journey through growing up in the Jim Crow south, along with personal traumas such as sexual abuse and failed marriages, to ultimately uncovering “forgiveness” as the secret to a happier life with amazing benefits. Patsy has been a student of A Course in Miracles (ACIM) since 2005, and it was her study of ACIM that helped her understand the power of forgiveness. Her experience as a life coach provides a reservoir of real world stories, along with practical tools, exercises and meditations to help you achieve your financial, professional, personal, and relationship goals; while at the same time increase your Bliss Level!

In addition to her branded 7-step approach with Bliss Life Coaching, she also works with groups and organizations to provide tailored coaching, presentations and workshops to achieve specific results. Bliss Coach PJ helps individuals recognize that their anxiety and discord in life is always related to the past. She helps her clients release the past to live a happier life NOW, so that they may In-JOY life and at the same time achieve the results they desire!

As a speaker, Patsy is able to engage your audience with practical tools and applications to transform their lives. She leaves them feeling motivated and empowered to unleash the Magic in their lives to live a more Blissful Life.

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