Producer, Director, Activist, Actress Kamala Lopez Joins Forces with Women Are Talking 2014 Global Summit

Producer, Director, Activist, Actress Kamala Lopez Joins Forces with Women Are Talking 2014 Global Summit

For Immediate Release – May 27, 2014 – Women Are Talking announced today that award-winning actress Kamala Lopez will join forces with Women Are Talking 2014 Global Summit, scheduled for June 6, 2014 and will be held on the corporate campus of AT&T in northern Virginia. This annual event is supported by the Women of AT&T. In addition to her award-winning acting, Ms. Lopez is also a screen writer and producer, having directed the film “A Single Woman”, a film about Jeanette Rankin, the 1st US Congresswoman. She is also president and CEO of Heroica Films and the founder & Executive Director of the ERA Foundation Project, a media campaign to educate and raise public awareness about the need for the Equal Rights Amendment. Ms. Lopez was has appeared in over 30 feature films including Born in East LA and the Chico Mendez, opposite the late Raul Julia. She was also named one of the 21 Leaders for the 21st Century.

When asked why Women Are Talking, her response, “because Women Are Talking represents the model of what women need to do around the world in order to empower not only themselves but also empower other women. I am pleased to lend my support to the women and men who support this work”. In addition to participating on the day of the initiative, Ms. Lopez is helping to promote the summit through a promotional video.

This year’s summit will host women and men leaders who will moderate a global discussion on the theme, “Agents of Change”. Using the power of social media and online streaming, an estimated 1 million virtual global participants will also take part in this discussion. The summit will include live, moderated virtual panel discussions and will provide guidelines and tools on how to actively take charge of changing the dynamics of how and where women see themselves in leadership and the roles they play in fostering positive and empowering relationships with other women. This event will once again be covered by media giant, Voice of America.

On May 3, 2013, Women Are Talking became a leader in virtual connections when it launched the first- ever virtual conversation reaching an estimated 1 million women in over 34 countries using the power of AT&T Tele-Presence centers and social media.

Women Are Talking was founded to provide a space where women can share ideas, resources and experiences in order to have a direct impact on the lives and advancement of women around the world. We do this through the facilitation of mentor-ship & sponsorship, supporting women in their individual and corporate business endeavors, making business connections and fostering the powerful concept of women actively becoming involved in empowering other women.

The Women Are Talking Initiative has grown to include a network of women’s organizations and businesses totaling over 500,000. For more information, please contact or call 703-593-2551.

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