Announcing Women Are Talking 2016 Summit

Our Beginnings – The Conversation Continues….2016!

Participating Organizations

Summit Topics

  • What are we missing when it comes to empowering other women?
  • Three key things you can do now to leverage your position to elevate other women.
  • Why giving back or paying it forward is the most important thing you can do to increase your influence and power in the workplace to help yourself and other women.
  • Why policy and politics are key to women building a true power base in the quest to elevate the cause for women
  • Practice Makes Perfect – how to master the art of “at-a-boys” and turn them into “ata- girls” in support of other women
  • Motherhood and The Boardroom – Why we must support women who are handling the important role of raising children and what you can do to help

This year will mark the 7th year of Women Are Talking which was founded to provide a space where women can share ideas, resources and experiences in order to have a direct impact on the lives and advancement of women around the world. We do this through the facilitation of mentorship, making business connections and fostering the powerful concept of women actively helping and empowering other women.

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How you can participate

  1. Connect to Women Are Talking by following us on Twitter – @watalking
  2. Join the conversation throughout the day on September 26, 2016.
  3. Share what you or your organization is doing throughout the day to acknowledge, support and empower women within your immediate or connected community.
  4. Post your videos, positive messages or images on our FB page and on our twitter page using social media tools such as instagram, babble or periscope to share with women around the world how you are celebrating this year’s summit.
  5. Share a need that might exist in your community that impacts women and what the Women Are Talking community can do to help
  6. Use the hashtag #iseeyou and #womenaretalking2016

Our Sponsors

Our History

Women Are Talking was founded by Bonnie McDaniel, a former corporate executive who was the Executive Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for European-based technology software corporation, Infomatique Sans Fil. She is the current Editor In Chief of Recipes for Good Living Magazine; television contributor for ABC’s Let’s Talk Live, CNN (HLN News Now) and the host of Metro Magazine with Bonnie McDaniel, which airs on the ION Television Network, this annual event has become the global standard for women helping women through virtual connections.

Bonnie also serves as a national mentor for Levoleague and for Star Fellows of Running Start. In addition she is a former board member of George Mason University’s FOMM supporting the School of Music. The Women Are Talking Initiative has grown to include a network of women’s organizations and businesses totaling over 500,000.

She is the author of the critically-acclaimed book, Queen Bee 7 Reasons Why Women Are Not Empowered and What You Can Do Now to Change This Phenomenon.